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Lace for all Seasons

February 20th, 2007

10:16 am - Eat Food
Any who know me at all knows that I've spent a lifetime struggling with weight, body image, eating, dieting etc etc etc. All the classic complaints of the Western Civilization, although somehow I have managed to skip all the ikky bits (diabetes, high cholesterol). Some of you have been along through the ride up to my highest weight (well over 300 lbs.. no I'm not shy), and the slow meander back down (still far far to go, but I'm settled at about 90 lbs off from the top give or take a few). Yes, I do currently go to cult meetings, but I did about 50 lbs without that. Somewhere along the lines, I've settled into a lot of opinions and thoughts on food. On eating. On how it fits into a modern lifestyle. There are many who are quite sure that my fondness for Birkenstocks have affected my head. (I really should make some more granola.) I follow the diet industry and the media buzz around obesity with a curiosity that verges upon fanatic obsession. Rarely do I read an article that I enjoy nearly as much as I did
this one
. Yes it's long, I don't expect most will read the whole thing, but if you only hit the highlights, go for the intro and then do the murder mystery thing and flip over to page 11 and read the ending.

Eat real food. Eat less. The only addition that I usually tuck in is 'Move more'. The secrets to good health. Eat real food, less of it, a wide variety and move more. Did I this weekend at a D&D convention? Nope. Not a chance. However, I open my canvas bag that holds my lunch in it's reusable containers (The birkenstocks are under the desk, it's still a little cool for them.) and see.. carrots and apples and an orange and a hard boiled egg and squash and apple soup and yogurt flavoured with homemade jam. All food my great great grandmother would recognize as food. Perhaps she might wonder at the orange, they were not exactly common in Canada, but still. Real food. Heavier than one might hope on the root vegetables, but it's winter in Canada, one works with what we have. I'm oddly more pleased with these than I ever was with the 'meal replacement bar' that I was gifted with. Now I just need to turn knitting into more exercise.

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June 9th, 2006

03:38 pm - Knit in Public Day!
Alright, so I'm a little late on mentioning this. And a little off on updating the journal. Tough. :) Anyhow, tomorrow (That's June 10th) is Knit in Public Day. Local folks (Guelph for those who dont know) are going to knit in a park downtown. C'mon by to say hi, bring your knitting or a coffee for those of us who are freezing. (16C.. sounds warmish, but I'm betting it won't be for long sitting still.)

Who: You and any knitty friends you want to bring along
What: Knit in Public
Where: Joseph Wolfond Memorial Park
When: June 10th, starting around 1 pm
Why: Because we can

Details: Bring your works in progress, knitting supplies, and something comfy to sit on. A cooler with cold drinks and snacks is a good idea as well - I will be bringing one myself. There are benches, a couple of picnic tables, swings, and playground equipment. There are no public washrooms at this park; however, across the river at 75 Cardigan St. (the Youth Music Center) there are apparently public washrooms.

Rain Location: Cocco Latte, a cafe in the Quebec Street Mall (we can also spread out in the mall itself as long as we aren't a nuisance - there are benches).

*info lifted from the lj of sandraregina*

The park is on the other side of the river from Goldie Mill park, Arthur St N and Norwich, a bit over than that. I'm going to just go explore 'til I see knitters. :)

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March 6th, 2006

01:00 pm - It's over!
What's 'It' you ask?.. I'd say everything, but that doesn't exactly come out right.
  • Knitting Olympics: I finished.. okay I mostly finished. I finished my hat and took everything to do the mitts at Winter Fantasy.. and then realized that I had the wrong needles. The mittens were coming out WAY too small for even my small hands. Frog frog. Still, I learned fair isle, it wasn't so bad and I got the main project done. I call it a victory!

  • Winter Fantasy: Oh my goodness, it's a long drive. 12 hrs in a car one way is cruel. I need to wring the budget enough to fly next year. It was, however, a good time. I ran 5 slots of the LG special, played some LG, tried out Arcanis and got some excellent social time in. Other than the drive, all good. I also scored some serious swag for...

  • Gryphcon: 3 days, 5 GM, 6 slots, 6 different games, 30 gamers per slot and 1 very tired LG mistress. It went well overall from my perspective. Nothing went horribly horribly wrong and I didn't have gamers coming to me to yell about how they hated everything, so clearly it couldn't have been that bad.

All in all, I'm tired and seriously sick of being social and pleasant and really really really glad to pretend like I have a RL again. Y'know, the RL that does dishes and laundry loads that are bigger than 'I need this many undies and t-shirts and jeans to get to the end of the weekend'.

Now, I can get back to doing some knitting. I brought a sock to work for lunchtime knitting. I realized why I put it away.. first sock has a gauge of 7.5 stitches to the inch.. second one.. 8 stitches to the inch. I wonder if I'm relaxed enough to have my gauge back to normal? *laugh*

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February 2nd, 2006

03:24 pm - Sorry about that. :)
Was using my LJ to experiment with some foo for work. Mostly trying to get a real player file to save nicely. It wouldn't. So to heck with it. :) If you're saying 'Uhhh.. what *are* you talking about, have no fear, you're not insane, I deleted the experimental files.

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January 23rd, 2006

11:06 am - The knitting gods have spoken..
To heck with a lace shawl for the knitting olympics.. I'm going to do.. a pirate hat! I've never done more than about 3 rows of stranded colourwork, so it makes me happy about learning something new and should be a challenge for me, which is perfect. And and and.. it's got skulls and crossbones! It's /perfect/! *happy dance*

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10:39 am - Somewhere safe..
I think every family has some variation on the 'I've put X item somewhere safe'. And somewhere safe is a polite way of saying 'I could misplace my arse if I'm not careful and not find it with both hands and a map'. Anyhow. The camera is somewhere safe. It is extremely safe. It is two days of half hearted looking safe. Unlike most of the other techno geeks in the world, I have exactly one device that produces digital imaging and it's.. somewhere safe.

This is, of course, a longwinded way of saying 'suck it up, this post and every post 'til I find that safe place will be photoless'. So if you're here for the pretty pictures, I'm sorry. C'mon back when I've found the shy camera, or caved and purchased a new one. (My budget is hoping for option A).

The rest of you brave souls who are here with just my ramblings, thank you for your bravery. :) Picture with me, if you will, a tangled heap of yellow cotton and a tangled heap of white cotton. Think (thank you Yarn Harlot) piles of dental floss. Those are my finished Egeblad and my finished Vicki. Done. Unblocked and shoved in the bottom of the knitting bag to be photographed. *sigh*

In a fit of stupidity, I decided that knit alongs are keen and therefore I should join a pack of them. Say a custom fit aran sweater one (Follow the Leader Aran KnitAlong) and a self designed pi shawl (EZ as Pi group). Fortunately the aran is coming in tiny bites (well the first two bites have been itty bitty) and the pi shawl is on the sort of mellow timeline I'm into. (Start.. something.. sometime around the 22nd ish and finish it later. Whenever. Have some chocolate.)

And because I don't have enough WIPs, I'm thinking of partaking the Harlot's knitting olympics. Because /clearly/ some high pressure knitting is exactly what I need before 2 cons. Really. :) Think I can do a lace weight shawl in 16 days? Yeah, neither do I, but damn, it might be fun to try!

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January 3rd, 2006

01:55 pm - Shut up and knit..
Phew. Holidays are over. Yay. Happy New Year and all that, may 2006 be better than you hope for. As much as I enjoyed the time off, somehow the week between Christmas and New Year's never feels like a vacation. It always feels like a smidge of recovery from a manic episode and when you throw in a trip to Ottawa, it's not even recovery. Ottawa was cold and smokey. I think nearly everything that went has been into a bath now that we're home.

I did get to *contented sigh* pick up my lace again. Embroidery's been banished to the craft room, so's the (current) shawl from hell. (Sleeves in my Pi, chunky wool on 6 mm needles. It's huge, it's bulky and I'm not sure I like it) and I've got teeny needle and cotton in my hands again. Oh bliss. I decided to do Egeblad. Quit snickering over the name, I'm sure it's quite lovely in Danish. While holding my tongue at my mother's, I got the first sixty or so rows done. Mine currently looks like this:

I am, as always, rapidly running out of thread. Someday I swear I will figure out this whole guessing on how much is on a ball *before* I start, but apparently not yet. I might have more of the yellow, we'll see. I'm always amazed that somehow running low on thread makes me knit faster. As if somehow, by some miracle, I'll knit quickly enough that the thread wont notice and come off the ball and there'll be more. Hasn't worked yet. *grin*

I dont much go in for resolutions, I prefer not to set myself up for failure off the top of the year like that. I do, however, go for a retrospective on my past year. Usually to appease the thoughts that I didn't actually accomplish anything. So, for handwork, I managed six doily/tablecloth things (Wedding doily, Azalea, Balmoral, Primula, Stor Rund Dug and Vicki), a suncatcher, six dishcloths, three pairs of socks, a shapely tank, a faux sarong skirt (sewn, not knit), a stole, a shawl, three pairs of mittens, one pair of wrist warmers, 2 tatted ornaments and one hat. Add onto that 2 jams, 2 pickles, some jarred soup and cider mixes and yep, I think I can declare 2005 productive.

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November 24th, 2005

09:57 pm - Not dead yet..
Yeah, I'm still around. I just havent had much to say. And, sadly enough, have been too lazy to get batteries for the camera, so havent had photos to inflict on the world. That *is* sad really. So, I'm not going with the obligatory 'gosh, I've been too busy to post' post, I'll go with the 'gosh, I haven't had anything to say' post. Makes all the difference. Clearly. *grin*

I still dont have batteries for the camera, so you'll have to close your eyes.. go on.. closed now? Okay.. picture someone who has been quoted as saying 'socks suck' and known to go barefoot until it snows.. okay.. now picture that person knitting socks. Over and over and over again. And slippers. And a shawl, but not a tiny ethereal shawl, but a huge honking 'done in chunky on broomstick needles (aka 6 mm)' shawl. *sniff* I miss my lace! Where did my lace brain go!

If anyone finds my lace brain, could you send the poor thing home?

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September 23rd, 2005

09:37 am - This, that and the other

I forgot my mystery shawl at work a few days ago. Today, it's damn cold in my office. Apparently I should wear shawls more often, everyone who's met me in the hallway has commented on it. Here's a better (I hope) photo of the final version. Thanks to chris_parsons for holding it for me to photograph.

The SRD fiasco is finally over. It's done, I ran out of thread one round from the end, which worked out perfectly. That last round and the cast off are done in white and I think work quite nicely in the piece as a whole. It got washed and blocked this morning.

After spending my morning pinning out a bazillion little loops, today's Devil's Dictionary page a day calendar speaks volumes to me. Patience, n. A minor form of despair, disguised as a virtue.

The next project proceeds along nicely. It's been sitting in the UFO pile for *mumblemumble* years and finally it's cool enough to work in mohair. Here is the designer's page on the Poinsetta shawl. I have finished one square, I'm nearly halfway on the next square. I remember it being outrageously fiddly the first time I worked on it, I must be more accomplished with obnoxious yarns at this point in my life, it's fussy, but not too bad. A lighter needle would help, but I only have bamboo straights and I'd rather stab myself in the eye with one of those than knit with the damn things. So I'm on a metal circular which weighs a good two or three times what the entire shawl will. Needless to say, there's a bit of a power struggle between light as a feather fluff and 6 mm metal spikes. Mine looks, currently, like this. Do not expect a whole lot of photo updates on this one, especially as I do more squares the same. It will get dull fast. Honest.

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September 21st, 2005

10:05 am - By a thread..

Well I've gotten to row 91. I need to get to row 96 (including thread gobbling crochet cast off). It looks like this:

The ruler is hard to read, but it's has about a 6 inch radius at this point. I've got this much thread left:

If you're thinking that doesn't look like much thread left, you're right. We'll see how far I get in blue before the inevitable white stripe happens. Not enough thread is the story of my life. Not quite enough for this, I don't think my carefully hoarded stash of the long long discontinued Ballybrae is enough for a sweater in my size. Bah and bah a second time. I hate stripes. There are other options to not use stripes, but I'm reveling in being cranky about it, so I'll look for practical options later. Today, I'll whine. So Bah and bah again. Clearly this calls for more coffee.

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